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Meet the HSBOR Office Staff

Beverly Perry
Association Executive
Service 11 years 

Office:  (501) 321-2517
​Fax:   (501) 321-9733
Here are some of the ways I am here to help you: 
  • Membership and Dues Information
  • Planning and scheduling meetings
  • Scheduling and information about classes offered by HSBOR
  • Questions regarding MLS information
  • Information on committees
  • General information about the HSBOR and 
  • Public Relation information to the public
  • Promoting interest in HSBOR activities to members
Mallory Alu
Administrative Assistant

Here are some of the ways I am here to help you: 
  • I will greet you when you call the HSBOR office
  • Offer computer support and training when needed
  • Help you with Key-Safe maintenance 
  • Registration of members for HSBOR functions
  • I will be available at all HSBOR meetings and functions 
  • Communicating by email to disseminate information about events and classes
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